Pest Master Service of Orlando


With more than 40 years in the market and presence throughout the country, we are among the Top 100 best companies in the US. We have the most demanding certifications and our products are of low toxicity, friendly with children and pets, all our technicians have the license because you are important to us, we guarantee our work, quality, and seriousness.

We are close to you and we are the right solution. Our organization is unconditionally committed to providing the most effective pest control services with an earnest concern for our environment and safety. Pest Management with Environ-Mentality™ is a commitment to safety, our environment, customers, and employees to offer the safest and most effective pest services available utilizing green methods and low-to-no-toxicity products. Our commitment to seeking out cutting edge technologies from science-based products offering sustainable solutions has been a cornerstone of our corporate culture for more than 40 years.

We offer you the best price, an integrated approach that eliminates all kind of pests and prevents them from returning, our goal is your home without insects,  experts in the elimination of cockroaches, Rodents, Termites, Fleas, Bedbugs, Spiders, Wasps, Bees, Ants and more.

We are  near you.

We really care about our customers, and what they have to say about us, Our exterminator services will keep you sleeping good at night and working productively.

 Our work includes

• Affordable, reliable, effective, advanced pest control service with guaranteed results!

• Inspection - determining what is needed to provide an effective control plan.

• Cultural controls - modifying the area around the home or business to reduce the number of sites that are suitable for nest.

• Elimination of the problem and removal of combs and others.

• Application of chemical barrier to prevent them from invading your home again, making it hard for insects to get inside the structure.

• Sanitation - keeping the area clean and reducing access to the sources of food.

• Selection of the best pest control methods - traps, light modification, mechanical and insecticidal controls, baits or physical removal.

• Education - explaining the behavior, diet and habitat of pests and how this information will be helpful to the homeowner.

• Explaining the specifics of the overall control plan, findings, results and scheduled services.

We offer a large number of integrated pest control services for cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites, wasps, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, commercial and state services...