Prevention is the best strategy to avoid cockroaches indoors. Efforts should be focused on eliminating factors that can promote their proliferation by sealing off pathways and eliminating their sources of food and water.


The tips to follow are the following:


* Be careful with cleaning food debris that these insects may eat on the floor.

* Keep pet food and pet food products in sealed containers.

* Do not leave food and water for pets on the floor.

* Frequently emptying garbage cans, food and moisture can attract roaches.

* Avoid sources of humidity (leaks in pipes and sinks, humidity caused by condensation in the refrigerator, glasses, plates, cups and other cutlery once rinsed, etc.)

* Wash dishes immediately after a meal to prevent cockroaches from accessing food debris from dishes.

* Check that there are no cockroaches hidden in boxes, between the kitchen and / or toilet paper.

* Seal cracks and crevices so that roaches cannot hide there.

* Control the surroundings of household appliances, since they emit heat and humidity, characteristics that contribute to the proliferation of cockroaches.

* Keep clean under and behind kitchen appliances.

* Keep kitchen appliances (toasters, microwaves, ovens, cookers, and refrigerators) clean, without food and grease residues.

* Store in airtight containers or in the refrigerator those packaged foods once opened.

* Regularly perform a roach removal treatment.


If Pestmaster just performed a treatment against insects please read this:

Our products are odorless, does not affect children or pets, it is safe to use inside your home. Our product is transferred between insects, eliminating even those that are on walls and ceiling, it takes two weeks to complete its effect, in order to achieve maximum effectiveness we appreciate not mopping or deep cleaning for two nights, not using its anti-poisons pests for two weeks, and perform a deep clean within 7 days. A single treatment will not eliminate all insects, we recommend a second treatment of lesser value to activate your guarantee. Thank you for your trust.

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