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Our Home Pest Control Process

We start with an exterior inspection to identify pest attractions and entry points. We check for the nest, insects in cracks and crevices, gaps in between windows and doors, etc. We also look for popular hiding spots around the lawn, like shrubs, woodpiles, standing water, and dense plant life.

When we completed the initial inspection, we inform households about our findings and provide tips and resources for managing any potential pest attractions. 

The eco-friendly pest control services to your home will be made about 80% in the exterior to prevent pests from entering your home, then we treat whatever infestation has moved into your house, and we left a residual protective barrier, we always seek the proper actions performed at the right time for maximum results, We also lay insect monitoring traps that help us react right away to new infestations, targeting sites around the home most likely to harbor these unwanted pests.