When a pest infestation rears its ugly head in a commercial setting, the business quickly grinds to a halt. Between scaring customers away, endangering employees, contaminating food, and destroying property, pests create numerous headaches and paperwork for business owners to deal with, not to mention the financial strain that a pest infestation can put your business under.

We start with an exterior inspection to identify pest attractions and entry points. We check for the nest, insects in cracks and crevices, gaps in between windows and doors, etc. We also look for popular hiding spots around the lawn, like shrubs, woodpiles, standing water, and dense plant life.

Using our unique and intuitive Integrated Pest Management approach, we have over 40 years of experience. We help businesses ranging from restaurants to educational facilities to apartment complexes and beyond eliminate any pest problems they might face so that business never skips a beat.

If your commercial property has come under attack from invasive pests like rodents, birds, bed bugs, cockroaches, or any of the other pests that call Phoenix home, contact Pestmaster® Services today for immediate commercial pest control.

We treat whatever infestation has moved into your building, and we left a residual protective barrier, we always seek the proper actions performed at the right time for maximum results, We also lay insect monitoring traps that help us react right away to new infestations, targeting sites most likely to harbor these unwanted pests.

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Inspection It all starts with the inspection. We seek to understand your concerns while checking out the condition of your home's interior and exterior. It's possible to find pests in the laundry room, but the actual point of origin could be in your basement, which is why we ensure our team is thorough in its inspection of your home.

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Our pest control products are verified to be eco-friendly and effective. We refuse to settle for anything less than stellar results from our treatments. While we mitigate the risk to your family and pets, we use tailored treatments that remove any pests now as well as protect against future infestations for dependable pest management!

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Our commitment to providing guaranteed results is centered on our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. This approach is what ensures our treatments are a success. We talk with those in charge of your facility while inspecting the property in order to understand the full picture.

Once we’re ready to implement treatments, we place monitors to identify the pest travel patterns and point of origin so we can proactively stop future infestations. Every treatment is tailored to the pest in question so you can count on pest management.

Our team provides guaranteed results thanks to the following:

IPM Certified Status

Numerous business affiliations including NPMA, Professional Service Council, NAWMA, and the GSA

Certified Entomologist

Associate Certified Entomologist

Free Inspections and Estimates

Environmentally Friendly Products

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