How to eliminate rats and mice from my house?

How to eliminate rats and mice from my house?

Rats and mice are very intelligent, these plagues invade your home in search of the same comforts of home as you: food, shelter, and water.

Unfortunately, they are more than an inconvenience. They are a threat to your property, your health, and your sense of security, they reproduce very quickly, it can be a disaster for your home.

What damages do these intruders:

* Chew the cables and cause fires.

* Destroy property and belongings.

* Eat drywall and tear insulation.

* Die on your walls, creating bad smells.

* Leave the excrement behind the creation of bad odors and bacteria.

* Attract fleas, cockroaches, mites, and other pests to your home.

* Harm and annoying noises on your walls and attic.

You have to stop this, you must combine very effective techniques, taking into account all the safety rules for your pets and children, and we can tell you what you have to do.

* The first step is a thorough inspection to determine where they entered your home. It is vital to close these entrances with adequate materials so that these invaders do not reopen their entrance.

* Inside your house, you need to inspect to know if the rats have a nest in your house, look in places where you hardly have access, where you have many boxes or disorder, they will be their favorite places, remember that they may have a large family, and their urine is infectious, use gloves and mask.

* Do not store food or water in places where there are mice or rats, try to eliminate any nearby water source. this can help to prevent them from coming back. The eviction must be guaranteed.

* Use smart bait stations, new traps, nesting materials such as bait, exclusion tools, and other techniques with the Safety First vision.

* Trying to control a mouse or mouse infestation can be dangerous. The most effective rodent control requires an integrated approach. Rodenticide alone is often not enough. In addition, the control of rodents requires rodent tests, reduction of shelters, traps, and greater attention to sanitation. For the most complete solution, call a pest management professional is our advice.


REQUEST A FREE INSPECTION Let us free your house of rats and mice, we are experts in this area, call us now and let us control your pest problem, get a quote without obligation, our specialist will contact you as soon as possible by calling 407 818 5872 or sending a message text

You will get the answers you want about your home, as we provide a thorough inspection and identify the entry points to enter, by calling 407 818 5872 or sending a text message.


What parts of your home can we protect against rodents?

Attic, turbine and gable drains

Return of roof and ventilation ducts

Gaps between the outer walls and the roof fascia

Dryer and ventilation holes in the oven

Foundation grilles and pipe openings

Garage door

GUARANTEED: we will return to eliminate and eliminate the trapped pests, repair any new damage they cause to the materials we have installed, and we will seal the new entry points they can create, we will carry out exhaustive annual inspections, as long as you maintain your plan.


CONTINUOUS PROTECTION: In addition to our warranty, we will provide you with annual inspections as long as you maintain your plan.

Do not lose another day. Schedule your FREE inspection call or send a text message to 407 818 5872 and we'll get to work to get past your worries about rodents.


Rodents are highly adaptable intelligent animals. With more than 2,230 identified species, their ranges are massive, these three types are considered major pests in the United States, the mouse house, the Norwegian rat and the roof rat.

They are located near human dwellings and are more likely to benefit from human structures, food and waste.

Biology of Rodents

Rats and mice are capable of transmitting diseases to humans through hair, excrement and urine. A single mouse can excrete 40 to 100 excreta per day.

Rats and mice can bite, resulting in rat bite fever, a life-threatening disease if left untreated. Some people develop an allergic reaction to the excrement of rats or house mice, which can cause symptoms related to asthma.

In addition to causing disease, contamination of food by rats and mice can cause billions of dollars in damage. Between a fifth and a third of total food production is lost due to rat contamination, a rat colony can consume about 100 ounces of feed per night.

Rats and mice are also successful breeders. A rat or female mouse can reproduce every three weeks and, in general, give birth to six to 10 offspring at the same time. This means that colonies of rats and mice can grow rapidly, a mouse can live up to two or three years under ideal conditions.

Do not lose another day. Schedule your FREE inspection call or send a text message to 407 818 5872 and we'll get to work to get past your worries about rodents.



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